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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Chelsea – Townhouse ₱ 1,854,000 Lot Area: 69 sqm / Floor Area: 66 sqm
Windsor – Duplex ₱ 2,269,102 Lot Area: 75 sqm / Floor Area: 70 sqm

Reservation Fee: Php 20,000 – Php 25,000

Easy to Own Homes

It is our aim to find the perfect payment scheme for you! We understand that each individual has his own unique payment capacity, and it is our goal to accommodate your transaction!

1. Express Payment Scheme:

Fast, easy, no hassle, no worry!

Fully pay your unit within 36 months with the lowest interest rates with the least hassle of requirements.

2. 80-20 Financing:

Avail bank financing with any of our accredited banks for as long as 25 years to pay! We will assist your loan application to ensure that you get the best rates and fastest transaction convenience!

3. Pag-ibig Financing:

Avail as much as 90% Loan of the Total Contract Price! Ask us how!

4. Easy Flex Payment Scheme:

Extended equity payments for as long as 24 months and move-in as soon as possible! We’re committed to make it happen for you!

With an exceptional location that gives you and your family the best of both city and suburban living, Vermont Place is undoubtedly one of the best real estate offerings in the market right now. With the booming housing scene in the Philippines, choice developments such as Vermont Place by Ovialand Corporation will see their value appreciate in the years to come.  Ovialand Corporation’s philosophy of bringing quality homes to discerning buyers is also reflected in its easy and affordable payment plans for buyers of Vermont Place. Ovialand has developed four simple and flexible ways for you to own your new home at Vermont Place without undue financial stress.

Express Payment: pay off the full price of your new Vermont Place home in 36 months with the minimum interest rate and the fewest requirements.

80% - 20% Financing: Work with any of our accredited banks to create a payment plan that gives you up to 25 years to pay for your Vermont Place home. Ovialand will help you quickly and securely process all your documents while assisting you to get the lowest possible interest rate.

Pag-Ibig Financing: Using this method, you can secure a loan for 90% of the Total Contract Price through an HDMF loan plan.

Easy Flex Payment Scheme: Extend equity payments for as long as 24 months and move in at your convenience.

As economic forecasts and trends continue to be positive, the demand for housing is set to outgrow the supply of available homes, especially in highly sought after locations. Therefore it is no surprise that property developers are striving to meet the demand for quality homes now and in the future. With these trends continuing to develop and even accelerate, property values are expected to show a strong increase in the coming years and decades, making your investment in Vermont Place one of the best investment decisions you will make.

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